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It is never too late or too early to start your estate planning. The time to make your wishes known is "Today."

It may be a preconceived notion that if you do not possess any assets, a home, or a large financial estate, then you do not need to plan your estate. This is completely false!  Estate planning protects not only what you have now, but what you may own or inherit later in your life. 

By protecting your estate and yourself, you are protecting your family. 

My law office wants you to be comfortable and confident in the estate planning decisions you make!

Whether you need a Will, a Trust, a Power of Attorney, or an Advanced Healthcare Directive (Living Will) because you have been diagnosed with a serious illness; The Law Office of J.G. Caldwell, PLLC is available for all your Estate Planning needs.


Being Proactive is the Best Preparation! 



Will Packets

My office offers a convenient estate planning packet that includes a comprehensive will, advanced healthcare directive, auxiliary healthcare documents, healthcare power of attorney, and a durable general power of attorney (if required). These documents can also be offered as single estate documents.


Estate planning decisions are not easy to think about or convey to loved ones, however if you want your wishes to be honored, be prepared, set your plan and remember being proactive is the best preparation!



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  Estate Planning Seminars

If you have a group that is interested in learning more about estate planning, my office is here to help. The Law Office of J.G. Caldwell, PLLC offers free "Estate Planning Seminars."


 My law office has conducted will seminars for various organizations. My practice is committed to helping the community understand that there are many options available in estate planning!


Just contact the Law Office of J.G. Caldwell, PLLC to schedule an appointment to book your free "Estate Planning Seminar!"